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The FRAM shelving system is both a functional storage workhorse and a sophisticated display for loved objects.

An elegant, hardworking modular shelving unit suitable for both the workplace and the home.

The vertical profile of a semi circle combined with the U-shaped shelves builds a sturdy yet very elegant ensemble, whilst a groove detail arising from the frame construction allows for the addition of panels that can be fixed into the unit. These either enclose the shelf or function as book stands on the sides. The panels are designed to leave an intentional gap to keep the overall appearance light and simple.


The units of the FRAM shelving family, are available in 3 different heights and finishes, with the option of a modular construction system based on vertical components and individual shelf units, which allow for a multitude of configurations and offering the possibility of extending the shelving to suit your needs.

The FRAM system is simple to use, combining precision craftsmanship with elegant design.

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Photography - Another Country

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