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KIN is a family of cabinets with each member in a specific format. Regardless of their field of application they create room for the things that matter.

The cabinets of various proportions offer just the right amount of space for every situation. KIN provides flexibility, adapting to changes in your life. With time individual units can take on different functions - in both the living and working environment. Each member of the KIN family has its own character and yet harmonises perfectly with its siblings.

Like life itself, our storage needs are marked by constant change. The concept of being able to find new uses for the individual elements is as much part of the programme as their ability to create new solutions. All cabinet fronts are opened easily with the ”TIP-ON“ mechanism by gently tapping. The distinguishing circle serves both as a graphic and a tactile element.

The frame is designed to be an integrated element. As a result the wooden compartment merges with the matt powder coated steel frame. The frame colours are perfectly matched to the tones of the natural and stained timbers, generating a harmonious, monochromatic appearance.

The different frame options provide various combinations Which offer solutions even in unconventional settings. Through its versatility KIN provides an alternative to themed cabinet furniture that becomes invalid in a different setting. In addition to the neutral shades from chalk to graphite black, and the natural wood tones, poppy establishes itself as a classic elementary colour.

Producer - Zeitraum

Photography - Zeitraum


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