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Madame Subrosa

This concierge’s desk is built around the essential activities taking place at a reception counter. All elements such as the service bell or the modesty panel are singular geometric objects that come together to form an ensemble that makes a unique reception piece. Every component of the arrangement is made from a material related to its function and use: The lamp shade of the light which is made from hand blown smoked glass, its pull switch which is operated from underneath, the solid wooden table top stained in black, the leather pad or the matt black coated panel and drawer compartment. The finish of all parts is chosen in a black or smoked tone in order to join them into one homogeneous unit, which appears elegantly subtle, yet captivating and complex. The only element that is deliberately different, is the copper service bell as an object the guest or visitor will interact with. The overall piece expresses an elegant simplicity combined with a poetic charme of its details. At the same time this reception is intentionally designed around the topic of a classic desk as being a piece of furniture rather than a monolithic counter. This gives it a somewhat more personal gesture - for both the concierge and the guest.

Concierge Desk / Reception - Wallpaper Apartment Sloane Street London

Client - *Wallpaper

Photography - *Wallpaper

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