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Paper Mask auctioned at Joy of Living exhibition and charity auction for Maggie's Centres.


A mix of established and emerging designers have contributed one-off artworks that were auctioned anonymously for Joy of Living, an initiative raising money for Maggie's Centres.

The Joy of Living exhibition is organised by design writer Max Fraser, who first ran the event in 2011, and new collaborator Aynsley Munsie.

For 2017, the third instalment, the brief was to use three pieces of coloured paper from GF Smith's Colorplan range. The colours were randomly selected from a set of 12, and the designers could manipulate them in any manner they wanted.

The results range from sketches and colourful collages to a sculpture of a desk lamp and some shredded-paper homeware.

Laughter: 'Currently creasing and folding away for a project where I work with paper in 3d, I realized how facial expressions are equally based on wrinkles, lines and tension.' - Mathias Hahn

Charity Auction - Maggie's Centres

Exhibition - Max Fraser, Aynsley Munsie

Photography - Ed Reeves, Mathias Hahn

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