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Vertigo Bird

Jinn is a floor and table light, that is based on the idea to create a reinterpretation of a classic decorative light comprising a base and lamp shade. In opposition to the traditional build of a central structure holding the shade and light source in place, Jinn is deconstructing this typology by removing the stem. The metal shade is supported by a glass piece that is mounted on top of the base. The light source itself is located in the base so that the light is reflected from the lamp shade and emits through the glass. Rather being reminiscent of oil or gas lamps also the control for dimming and switching the light is positioned on the base of the light. Through the wheel on the side, the intensity of light can be changed and adjusted in a very intuitive manner.


Floor & Table Lights 

Client - Vertigo Bird

Photography - Mathias Hahn Design Studio

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