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In response to the given brief of a tailor-made gift exchange between ourselves, we have decided to give each other one of the most precious and ever-harder-to-come-by things in our lives recently – time. Time that we will spend together on a journey from London to Pillnitz stopping along the way to discover some of the places we have a joint passion for; workshops, ateliers, factories… 


Places where raw materials are transformed and manipulated through techniques and processes to become the objects that surround us.

From small artisanal scale to large production plants where techniques have evolved into full-blown automated processes, but where the expertise of years, decades or even centuries of work are the main protagonist and therefore very close to our hearts as designers of objects.


This know-how on the making of things and the evolution of production processes is essential to our work as we both feel the way objects, look, feel and operate is completely intrinsical to the way they are made. In order to develop new ideas and to question existing ways of production, the curiosity for material and manufacturing techniques for us is both, moving spirit and necessity at the same time.  


We both picked a handful of places along the way to introduce to each other and consequently to the audience of the exhibition. We feel that our personal exploration of techniques in contemporary production is very relevant in the context of an applied art museum and when speaking about the culture of objects nowadays. 


Installation as part of the Exhibition Friends and Design curated by Tulga Beyerle und Maria Cristina Didero

In Collaboration with Tomas Alonso


Client - Kunstgewerbemuseum / Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Photography - Tomáš Souček,

Tomas Alonso, Mathias Hahn

The Trip

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